Love You Give Away

An innovative elegant approach to Scrapbooking! Each page is unique using the hand stitched design elements from Sandi?s award winning poems, and largest selling cross-stitch pictures. Inside each of the four 28 page full size 12x12 tear out page booklets are: One-page that is a re-creation of the picture that may be used as the outside cover of the album, or as a page inside if preferred. Two-vellum pages with the entire poem which can be cut out and used throughout the album to re-create the poem and tell a story to make a truly memorable album. Also additional smaller poems are on the vellum pages to cut out and paste as captions. Ten-coordinated unique pages, printed from the original hand cross-stitched design. One-page of additional cross-stitched designs elements to cut out and paste wherever desired. A bonus included in each booklet is the chart for one of Sandi?s cross-stitch designs. The cross-stitch design makes a lovely additional keepsake. The four themes are taken from her most famous, largest selling cross-stitch designs.

“Love You Give Away” is designed to recreate an album for your wedding, anniversary, or loved one.  The two vellum pages are designed to cut out the poems and sentiments written by Sandi to make your pictures have very special and meaningful captions. The unique pages with the original hand cross-stitched design elements make attractive and dynamic backgrounds to capture your loving moments.  Creating an album that will be admired, enjoyed and truly memorable is especially easy and rewarding.  Item # 2004 Copyright Sandi Phipps 2005  

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